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Important Changes to Share Capital Policy

At the monthly meeting of the Board of Directors held on February 20, 2019, the board has approved revisions to our Share Capital Policy. The objective is to give members flexibility on their investments with the cooperative.

You can read the new policy here but the salient points are as follows: 

  • Share Capital Build-Up is now mandatory only up to P20,000.00. Once a member reaches at least P20,000.00 share capital, capital build-up becomes optional.
  • The maximum share capital a member can have is P500,000.00. Once a member reaches P500,000.00 share capital, he/she will not be allowed to add any more share capital contribution.

Further, as a result of the above changes, for those members with P20,000.00 or more share capital already, their current monthly capital build-up wll be transferred as monthlly savings deposit. Members who wish to continue with share capital build-up just need to inform the cooperative of their preference.

The Board believes that making these changes will help members manage their funds better because unlike share capital which can only be withdrawn upon termination of membership, savings deposit are withdrawable anytime. Also, the cap of P500,000.00 maximum share capital will make the coop more equitable to all members.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does this mean you will transfer my share capital in excess of P20,000.00 to my savings account?
Answer: No. Per cooperative bylaws, share capital can only be withdrawn/transferred upon membership termination.

2. Can I make partial withdrawal of my share capital and just leave the minimum required paid-up of P20,000.00?
Answer: No. Per cooperative bylaws, share capital can only be withdrawn/transferred upon membership termination.

3. Once I reach at least P20,000.00 share capital, can I totally stop my monthly capital build-up contribution?
Answer: Yes. However, we encourage you to at least maintain monthly savings deposit so you can continue the habit of saving.

4. When is the effectivity?
Answer: The new policy will take effect next pay period (i.e. Mar 10 payroll).

5. Can I change the amount of my monthly capital build-up later?
Answer: Yes. Monthly capital build-up can be changed anytime within policy.

6. What are the pros and cons of Share Capital vs Savings Deposit?

Share Capital Share Capital is like Stocks in corporations. It earns dividends which is normally higher than interest on savings deposit.

Most coop loans require 20% Share Capital. Thus, the higher the Share Capital, the higher the maximum loanable amount.

Note: Like Corporate Stocks, dividend rate depends on the performance of the cooperative. The more members patronize the products of the cooperative (e.g. loans), the better the coop performance will be which will mean better dividends.

Cannot be withdrawn unless member resigns from cooperative.

As earnings depend on the performance of the cooperative, Share Capital is inherently riskier than Savings Deposit.

Savings Deposit Can be withdrawn anytime if needed (e.g. emergencies) without the need to resign from coop.

Earns fixed interest. Rates are similar to most commercial banks but coop interest earnings are tax-free.

As earning is fixed, Savings Deposit is inherently the more conservative option vs Savings Deposit.

Historically, Savings Deposit (<1%) earns lower than Share Capital (3-4%).



2019 HPPECC Notice of Election

Notice is hereby given to the general membership that the 2019 HPP Employees Credit Cooperative Election of Officers will be conducted and that those who wish to run for any of the elective positions are encouraged to submit their Certificate of Candidacy no later than midnight of Friday, March 1, 2019.

Elective Positions:

  • Board of Directors (4 positions)
  • Audit Committee (3 positions)
  • Election Committee (3 positions)

To view Functions and Responsibilities, click here.

To file your COC online, click here.

HPPECC Needs You2


Schedule of the 2019 HPPECC Election:

  • February 11, 2019 - Notice of Election / Start of COC Filing
  • March 1, 2019 - Deadline of COC Filing
  • March 4-25, 2019 - Electronic Election Proper
  • March 28, 2019 - General Assembly / Election Results


Birthday Loan Goes Online

In line with our effort to continuously improve processing time given limited resources, we are launching our online application for Birthday Loans. Currently, our Birthday Loan takes 1-2 weeks to process - not to mention the time it takes for members to download, fill up, sign, and submit the loan form.


With the Online Birthday Loan Application, our target is to release Birthday Loans within 3 working days and all you need to do is just a few clicks:



  1. Go to the HPPECC website - www.hppecc.com
  2. LOGIN with your Username/Coop ID and Password. If you forgot your password, just click Forgot Login and your login credentials will be emailed to you.
  3. Go to MEMBER'S AREA and select Online Birthday Loan Application.
  4. Read the Terms and Conditions, select desired loan and click Submit.
  5. You will receive an email confirming your appliccation.
  6. Reply to the email attaching a scanned copy of your valid ID as proof of birthday.
  7. That's it!

HPP Mobile: Now with Reset Password!

HPPMobile scr1eSince it's launch late last year, the HPP Mobiel App has received a lot of positive feedback from members. Some members have also given their suggestions on how to further improve the app and make it a more useful tool. One of the features most requested by members is the ability to be able to reset their HPPECC portal password using the app.

Thus, a new feature has been added right on the HPP Mobile Login Screen that will do just that. Members just need to click "forgot password" and a link will be emailed to them where they can conveniently reset their password.

For comments, feedback, and concerns regarding the HPP Mobile App, please email us This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

HPP Mobile App Gets New Features

Barely a monthly after the launch of its mobile app, HPPECC has updated the HPP Mobile App including the ability to drill down and view detailed transactions of deposit accounts (i.e. Share Capital, Savings Deposit, Time Deposit). Members just need to click on the particular deposit account to see the historical data.

A Loan Calculator has also been added to help members easily plan for their target loans. By selecting the Loan Type and supplying the loan amount and months to pay, members will be able to estimate their monthly amortization.

With the latest release, members will also be able to view their Rewards Points and the items they can redeem. Details of their Rewards Points has also been made available so they can validate the data.

Given the 24x7 nature of most members' jobs, HPPECC plans to continue to add more features and automations in future releases to better serve the members while at the same time minimize its admin expense.

The app is exclusive to members of HPPECC. To download the app, members just need to search and install the HPP Mobile App from Google Play. An IOS version will be coming soon.


HPPMobile scrv3a


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